Man and its context are inalienable

Each piece of land has hundreds of years of its own life, worked by people we will never know and people we remember to this day. Land that was pasture, forest, trodden and stirred and forest again, noticed by no one.

Nature is a space of constant transformation, of accumulation of knowledge and uses. This is why we created AGROSFERA in 2015. To preserve local memory and prioritize it in the new technologies of production.

What is this local memory? It’s the use of Loureiro, the work by the hands who’ve been harvesting since childhood, it’s the inevitability of the soil, granite memory, the trees who have fallen there, everything.

It’s the first sip of Muros de Grade 2018 and the knowledge we took from there to an improved product the following year. This year’s soil has last year tumbling leaves, and so it will be continuously.

We produce this wine with all the sensibility and we drink it with all the felicity.